ABP Publishing 2021 Interim Results

FRANKFURT, Germany. ABP Publishing, the world’s largest international audiobook publisher, has released their interim results of the first half of 2021. The company reports revenue growth of 15% across all their branches. Among these, the Turkish region showed the most significant result with revenue growth reaching 100% for the second quarter.

Financial results

As compared with the first half of 2020, the mid-year results for 2021 show revenue growth of 15%. “The audiobook industry is continuing to develop,” says Viktoria Salnikova, editor-in-chief of ABP Publishing. “There was a fear that audiobooks would lose part of their audience after quarantine rules relaxed and bookstores reopened. However, they are still popular. It seems that listening to audiobooks has become a part of people’s routines in many countries — a fact that is confirmed by our financial growth.”

The Turkish region showed revenue growth of 100% in the second quarter. “These results may seem shocking to someone outside the industry, but to us they are not. The audiobook market in Turkey is still poorly developed. Listeners have a narrow selection of audiobooks. However, we see huge growth in interest, so we are working on expanding our Turkish portfolio,” Ms. Salnikova explains.

Results of expanded portfolio

The company’s portfolio has also expanded within the past half year. To give sense of their scope, ABP Publishing has divisions in France (ABP Editions), Germany (ABP Verlag), and Italy (ABP Editore), and also produces audiobooks in Spanish, Turkish, and Japanese.

ABP Verlag’s portfolio saw the addition of the audio version of “Breath” by James Nestor, which examines breathing techniques and their relation to improved health. The Francophone release for ABP Editions is upcoming.

The Italian department ABP Editore has expanded with the addition of audio versions of “Unshakeable” and of “Notes from a Friend” by Tony Robbins.

The audiobook of “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins is now available for Turkish-speaking listeners via Storytel, along with “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and “Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy.

About ABP Publishing

ABP Publishing is the world’s largest international audiobook publisher. Partnering with Audible, Zebralution, and other digital media distributors, ABP Publishing provides more than 500 non-fiction audiobooks in English, French, German, Italian, and other languages. Their catalog includes audiobooks dedicated to business, personal development, popular psychology, parenting, and healthy living.