ABP Publishing Announces Significant Growth for First Half of 2023 and Reveals Upcoming Strategy

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FRANKFURT, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ABP Publishing reported a noteworthy 15% revenue growth for the first half of 2023, attributing this success to robust audiobook releases and strategic expansions. Looking ahead, the company projects a 30% revenue growth by year-end, driven by market expansion.

The first six months of 2023 saw ABP Publishing enjoy a remarkable 15% increase in its revenue compared to the same period in 2022. A key reason behind this performance has been the consistent popularity of its audiobooks, with titles from esteemed authors such as Ichiro Kishimi, Viktor E. Frankl, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Tony Robbins, Michael Alan Singer, and Stephen R. Covey leading the charge.

A defining aspect of this growth trajectory was the careful selection of titles, that resonated with the audience and consistently ranked within Audible Audiobooks’ top-100 list. Moreover, the publishing house’s dynamic marketing campaigns reached over 1.6 million audiobook enthusiasts across Europe, underscoring its growing influence in the market.

Viktoria Salnikova, Chief Editor at ABP Publishing, emphasized, “Our relentless commitment to quality and relevance drives our strategy. We’re projecting a 38% increase in our book releases this year, which is a testament to our robust processes and our ability to listen and respond to our audience. The feedback we receive is invaluable, steering our decisions and ensuring a diverse and engaging catalog. Incorporating Hindi into our collection is a strategic move, demonstrating our ambition to engage with even broader audiences worldwide.”

CEO of ABP Publishing, Andrey Mishenev, commented, “Given our performance, we anticipate a 30% growth in revenue for 2023. Our strategies, which encompass entering new markets and introducing Hindi, will enable us to connect with the vast Indian demographic.”

The roadmap for maintaining this growth momentum encompasses refining production processes and enhancing the mechanism to incorporate listener feedback. Such insights are crucial to tailoring the selection of future titles.

Currently offering titles in languages such as German, French, Italian, English, Turkish, and Korean, ABP Publishing’s inclusion of Hindi signifies a strategic move to increase its global presence.

About ABP Publishing

ABP Publishing, a digital-only non-fiction audiobook publisher, is made up of four divisions: ABP Verlag in Germany, ABP Éditions in France, ABP Editore in Italy, and ABP Publishing in other global markets.