ABP Publishing Exceeded 500 Audiobooks in Its Catalogue

ABP Publishing announces its audiobook catalogue exceeded 500 titles. The European publisher go on to say that they are forecasting a 100% increase in titles (1000 titles) by 2024. In addition, a 30% increase in total sales is predicted before the end of 2021, continuing a five-year trend of growth.

There are plans to publish 17% more titles in 2022 and continue growing the catalogue to meet their 100% increase target by 2024. To meet these targets, ABP Publishing plans to expand its presence gradually in markets it entered recently, such as Turkey, Japan, Korea, and Spain. Additionally, it will continue to work with local authors, particularly in Germany and France.

“For the last three years, ABP Publishing has shown solid growth in sales and production. It means that we managed to create an effective system of acquiring rights to high-potential books and externalizing them into good quality audiobooks. I believe the combination will help us achieve our main aim during the next three years – to double the current catalogue,” said Viktoria Salnikova, Chief Editor of ABP Publishing.

ABP Publishing will form new partnerships and develop more effective collaborations with its current partners. In addition, the company will introduce new authors to diversify the audiobook genres in its catalogue. The company will also continue to focus on listening to the needs of its current audience. Based on their insights, ABP Publishing will grow its catalogue in the right direction to meet its 100% increase target.

The CEO of ABP Publishing, Andrey Mishenev, believes that the company was able to bring positive changes to its work culture in the past year, which will support its growth and future goals. “We transferred into remote work completely, which allowed us to work more effectively, economize resources and the employees are more devoted and motivated to work because of life-work balance. Our employees’ productivity will fuel our growth in the coming years.”