ABP Publishing Increased Sales by 30 % in 2021 Thereby Continuing the 7 Years Growth Trend Line

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FRANKFURT, Germany – ABP Publishing showed a significant increase in sales in 2021. The fact carries inference that despite the diminishing consumption in the post-pandemic world, the interest in audiobooks holds steady.

“Almost all our calculations for 2021 turned out to be exact. We had counted on Turkish and Italian markets and got it right. In the latter one we sold twice more audiobooks than the year before, – says Viktoria Salnikova, Chief Editor. – It can be called solid growth. Sales in Germany rose 19,3 % which I think, too, is a quite impressive result considering the highly competitive book market in the country”.

Strong performance in one of the biggest European book markets was achieved with the aid of fruitful cooperation with new distributors in German-speaking countries. ABP Publishing expands the net of its partners in distribution and sells audiobooks not only in pay-per-download but also in a streaming model. The management of the company is sure of the wisdom of the decision as more and more users take interest in subscriptions for different services including listening to audiobooks.

As for France, the prognosis and results were not congruent as the target growth records were not achieved there. Nevertheless, French users continue consuming audiobooks on the same level as in 2020.

The company has set ambitious plans for 2022. The retention and growth are planned to be executed thanks to vast marketing activity. Particularly, the company is going to pay more attention to advertising campaigns on social networks and cooperate with influencers in different fields. Also, some joint activities with authors are planned.

“We consider audiobooks to be an underestimated product on a market, – says Andrey Mishenev, CEO. – Printed versions are massively discussed and presented before publishing whereas an audiobook is seen as just a by-product. Nevertheless, I believe an audiobook can be promoted as a standalone product. We involve highly professional voice-overs in production who can create not just a book but a genuine object of art. And I hold it good to carry to our listeners”.

About ABP Publishing

ABP Publishing is a publisher of non-fiction digital-only audiobooks in different languages. The company comprises four divisions: ABP Verlag in Germany, ABP Editions in France, ABP Editore in Italy, and ABP Publishing in other markets.