Global audiobook publishing house “ABP Publishing” Achieves a 25% Revenue Increase in 2022 through Dual-Focus Production and Promotion Strategy

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FRANKFURT, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ABP Publishing, the global audiobook publisher, reports a 25% increase in revenue for 2022 compared to the previous year. The company achieved this through a dual-focus production and promotion strategy, investing heavily in marketing and increasing publication volumes through remote production methods. The publisher reached 95% of its target audience in transnational markets, including avid audiobook enthusiasts.

ABP Publishing expanded its portfolio to over 460 audiobooks in 2022, resulting in a 30% increase in its catalog. The company strategically developed remote production, which included translation, edition, and narration, regardless of geographical location. This strategy required the hiring of more editors and voice actors on staff. Additionally, this approach enabled the company to double its Turkish-language catalog.

In addition, ABP Publishing not only introduced bestselling authors to new markets but also added new writers to its list of published works. Notable authors such as Robert Kiyosaki in Italy, Benjamin Graham in both Italy and France, Jordan Peterson, Bessel Van der Kolk, and Will Smith in France, Wim Hof in Germany have been published by ABP Publishing.

The company’s audiobook promotion reached 2 million enthusiasts on various platforms, resulting in top 100 chart rankings on Audible and Storytel. ABP Publishing held 15% of the top 100 in Audible Books & Originals and 5-7% in Italy’s Audible and 10% on Storytel in Turkey. ABP Publishing’s books consistently ranked in the top 10 in categories such as “Psychology”, “Career”, “Self-improvement”, “Health”, and “Financial Management”.

“ABP Publishing has managed to implement a new remote audiobook production approach successfully,” claims Viktoria Salnikova, Chief Editor of ABP Publishing. “We have been able to increase production volumes without compromising on quality, which is one of our top priorities.”

“We are dedicated to promoting our audiobooks in developing markets as part of our unified strategy for market penetration,” says Andrey Mishenev, CEO of ABP Publishing. “We are pleased with the success we have achieved, resulting in increased production volumes. For 2023, our mission is to provide readers with the wisdom of hundreds of the most revered authors, delivering classic nonfiction titles and the best new releases in audiobooks to inspire and cultivate a more enlightened culture among readers.”

About ABP Publishing

ABP Publishing is a publisher of non-fiction digital-only audiobooks in different languages. The company comprises four divisions: ABP Verlag in Germany, ABP Editions in France, ABP Editore in Italy, and ABP Publishing in other markets.